April 4, 2022

How Important Is Your Solar Warranty?

One of the things that sets a ‘great’ solar system apart from a ‘good’ system is the warranty. Solar arrays have no moving parts and are usually quite free from problems. But when something goes wrong, you’ll want to be able to rely on the most dependable company with the most comprehensive warranty possible. With no hidden costs or deductibles — like health insurance coverage.

Be sure that you understand your solar warranty. Make sure it covers all of the components of your system with one phone call. The devil is in the details! Are your panels (and racking, microinverter, and monitoring components) covered for replacement including labor, transportation and reinstallation?

With solar warranties, like Health Insurance policies, the details can be confusing. They may seem like you’re covered for everything you need. But people often find out when they have a serious problem what how limited their coverage is. With a SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty your solar purchase (perhaps one of the largest and longest lasting addition to your home) is the best in the solar industry — and assures your system operates and produces up to 90% of the Peak System Power for the full 25-year warranty period. You don’t have to worry about additional out-of-pocket costs, high deductibles, or unexpected exceptions.

Because of the high dependability of SunPower panels and components, we confidently offer complete coverage. As a SunPower Master Dealer we are proud to offer a warranty that takes care of our customers’ complete solar energy system. Let us show you how.